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Dedicated to eradicating sex trafficking, our array of services includes

Sex Trafficking Intelligence

Uncovering critical information to stay ahead in the fight against trafficking.

Sex Trafficking Investigation

Conducting thorough investigations to bring perpetrators to justice.

Sex Trafficking Rescue (CONUS & OCONUS)

Actively participating in rescue operations, locally and globally.

Sex Trafficking Rescue Training

Equipping individuals with the skills needed to rescue and assist victims.

Safe Housing & Rehabilitation

Providing secure shelter and support for survivors on their journey to recovery.

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Security Consulting

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Personal Protection

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Comemrcial Security

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Objects Protected

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Surveillance Cameras

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Services 01

Sex Trafficking Intelligence

The systematic collection and analysis of information related to instances of sex trafficking and exploitation occurring within a specific area. This process involves monitoring, researching, and documenting various aspects of these illicit activities to better understand their prevalence, patterns, and the individuals or networks involved.

Services 02

Sex Trafficking Investigations

We are hired through Love Inspiring ministries to conduct Private Investigation into Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

Identify Trafficking Networks:

Thoroughly investigate and expose networks involved in sex trafficking, aiming to disrupt and dismantle their operations.

Assist Victims:

Provide support to victims, focusing on their well-being, empowerment, and the restoration of their lives.

Support Law Enforcement Efforts:

Collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies to contribute valuable intelligence, evidence, and expertise, enhancing their efforts to combat sex trafficking.

Services 03

Sex Trafficking Rescue (CONUS & OCONUS)

Through our other efforts there comes a time when we have to act immediately. Following Local, Federal, Country Laws

In our unwavering mission to combat sex trafficking, we prioritize immediate and lawful action, both domestically and internationally, following local, federal, and country laws. Our commitment extends to swift and coordinated rescue operations, ensuring the safety and liberation of victims. Upholding the highest ethical standards, we collaborate seamlessly with authorities to dismantle trafficking networks and protect the vulnerable, striving to bring an end to this heinous crime.

Services 04

Sex Trafficking Rescue Training (CONUS & OCONUS)

We developed training and work with local SWAT to be as precise and purposeful in this endeavor.

  • Human Trafficking Awareness and Understanding
  • Legal and Regulatory Training
  • Crisis Intervention and Trauma-Informed Care
  • Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering
  • SWAT Collaboration Training
  • Tactical and Operational Training
  • Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Management
  • Victim Interview and Support Skills
  • Technology and Cybercrime Training
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Training
  • First Aid and Medical Training
  • Communication and Media Management
Services 05

Safe Housing & Rehabilitation

Safe Housing Solutions:

We offer a range of safe housing options tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether transitioning from homelessness, leaving an unsafe environment, or seeking refuge, our housing solutions provide a secure and nurturing environment where individuals can rebuild their lives with dignity.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programs:

Our rehabilitation programs are designed to support individuals in overcoming obstacles and achieving sustainable independence. From substance abuse recovery to mental health support and life skills training, we provide comprehensive services aimed at empowering individuals to thrive.

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